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5 Essential Tips on How to Set Up a Safe Playpen Environment

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Your kids are growing fast and have just started moving up and about in the house. This means that the young ones are exposed to things that can potentially harm them or be a risk to their health. In this case, you need to establish measures to control their movement and play time. One of the things you can do is look for affordable playyards for babies. However, how safe are these play yards, and how do you ensure the kid’s playtime is as comfortable as possible? Well, this post will help you set up a safer, playpen environment for your kids.

  1. Read and Understand the Playpen Manual Carefully

Taking note of the user manual is very crucial in helping you set up the play yard safely. In case you find out missing parts or broken areas, you must call the retailer for immediate intervention. Similarly, contact them immediately in case you have concerns that are unclear and require precise answers. Ensure that play yards you purchase were not previously recalled.

  1. Check Out For Safety Labels and Certifications When Purchasing Playpens

It is essential to find out more about your playpen manufacturers as well as if they meet and pass all safety standards set. Additionally, find out if the playpen you are about to purchase has a JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) certification. You must find a JPMA seal attached to it to be sure that all safety tests have been met and safe for your child to use.

  1. Determine the Slat Spaces in Wooden Play yards

The recommended space in playpen slats should be at a maximum of two and two-thirds inches wide. This size ensures that your baby’s head doesn’t get trapped to be strangled. Furthermore, ensure all slats are intact, well fastened, and no single piece is missing from the playpen. Your child’s safety should be of paramount importance.

  1. Stay Away From Sharp-Edged Playpens

Top rails on the playpen you want to purchase should never have any form of movable hinges and should be appropriately padded. Besides, all sides, corners, as well as tops, should be highly padded too. This helps prevent the infant from bumping their heads and getting injured by hard surfaces. Additionally, ensure that the playpen does not have sharp edges inside that can potentially pinch, scratch, or cut your kid’s delicate fingers or skin. Additionally, make sure that the top rails are locking automatically when the playpen is fixed in position.

  1. Avoid Dropping Objects in the Playpen

Never leave foreign objects such as pillows, soft beddings, stuffed toys, etc. inside the playpen while your child is inside and unattended. They can potentially suffocate your child and risk the kid’s health. Soft beddings have been known for causing (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) SIDS as a result of suffocation. Besides this, avoid leaving tie string toys inside the playpen because you will be risking the baby’s life with strangulation. Furthermore, avoid placing play yards near windows that have blinds or strings.


Play yards are a great addition to your home, helping keep your child busy in a restricted area away from harm. However, you must observe the essential tips above to help make the play yards safer for your child. We hope this post helps you set up secure play yards for your child and avoid making mistakes.