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7 Features to Look for in School Backpacks

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No matter which school you go to, a backpack is a piece of equipment you will need to carry all your school loads. While other students may want a colorful back they can show off to others, you may want something more practical. If you are in the market to buy a new back school backpack, there are things you should look for. These include the following:

Working Wheels and Handle

You will want to consider getting a rolling backpack if you want to take the load off your shoulders. However, make sure you choose one with a long handle. The long handle will make it easy to transport the pack even if it has lots of heavy textbooks.

Multiple Compartments

A good school backpack has lots of compartments of different sizes. These compartments should spread the weight around to prevent strain from balancing a bottom-heavy pack. Also, they help keep your stuff organized and easy to find.

Padded Straps

Backpacks with think straps can do more bad than good to you. The straps can cut into your skin and make you feel uncomfortable. Find a backpack that has padded straps that offer extra comfort for your shoulders. You will need this kind of straps when traveling with your backpack on long distances.

Pen and Pencil Pockets

These pockets are designed to keep your pencils and pens organized. Ensure your backpack has these special pockets to avoid trying to find your school tools the moment you need them. These pockets are perfect for placing any school supplies.

Laptop Space

Laptops are portable gadgets you can bring to school when you need them. However, they are fragile and must be kept in a space that can offer them stability. Laptop sleeves in backpacks are designed to cushion laptops and keep them safe from any harm.

Durable Material

Backpacks that will last for the longest time possible are made out of durable materials like canvas or nylon. Also, when it comes to durability, you want a backpack that is well-constructed. You will get the worth of your extra spending when your backpack remains intact after years of use.

Pouch for your Water Bottle

As a student, carrying your own bottle will help you stay hydrated and save some money. However, you don’t want to place your bottle inside your backpack to avoid leaks. The best thing to do is to look for a backpack designed to have a pocket for a water bottle. Check out for your options.