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7 Steps To Write An Marks Scoring Essay

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Essay writing is really not easy, but it is also not that difficult that you consider it as nightmare and look around for UK assignment help. Essay writing is all about writing what you think is right or wrong in the most convincing manner by using good words or vocabulary, while keeping sentence formation in mind. But still, if like others, you also fond essay writing, assignment writing or any other writing related assignments or home works difficult and challenging, then this content is for you.

Today, I am going to tell you how to write exceptional piece in 7 basic steps.

  • Be a lover: Instead of writing on the topic which you consider boring, always choose a topic that ignites so that you can love that topic. When you love that choose topic, you will be motivated all the time to read about it and write about without rest. But there are times when you are given topic by teachers. In that case try to read more than requirement, if reading is not developing your interest then try to watch videos of it on YouTube, because visual information develops interest faster. When interest is developed then proceed to next step. But firstly, be a lover of the given or chosen topic.
  • Pen it down: What you have read or how much you have read or what are your opinions about the materials you have read, just own it down on paper. And whole writing, write instantly what comes in your mind. Don’t think about grammatical and spelling errors. It will hinder the process of thinking and writing. This step will help you to understand the topic more, because while writing, you will think that what to write and how to write and that is the point where you will try to connect points to write in the simplest and understand able way. Thus, this step will deepen your love for the topic.
  • Underline the main points: When you finished up writing all your thoughts and information regarding the topic, give yourself break for some minutes. In that break you can do anything. When you are fully relaxed, then read your written piece. While reading, its better to focus on content instead of grammar. After reading underline the main or important points. If you find every point worthy then read the piece again and then underline important points.
  • Jot down on one piece: After underlining important points, jot down all of them on another plain piece of paper. At that time if you have another important point in your mind then write it too on the paper. This technique will help you to organize your essay that which point comes first and which later. Thus, it will be better if you, after writing all points, number them that which point will be written first or last. This step is quiet important because a writing piece is required to be organized in order to be interest binding.
  • Details and Explanation: Now, you cannot write points only in your essay. You also have to explain that point too. Therefore, now write each point separately on each page or make a mind map in which each point should be written after a wide gap. In that write explanation or details which you know. It is better to do research for every topic separately and then write important points in short sentencesbelow every point in mind map. This technique will help you to organize your essay more and more. Moreover, it will make your essay informative; yet, precise. And the precise essays are read by the mist with deep interest.
  • Go through and Editing: When your mind map is completely ready, revise it or recheck it and then make it again with neatness, so that while writing an essay you won’t face any difficulty. After making it again, prepare what you will write in introduction. Remember, always start your essay with eye-gluing lines that captivate everyone to read. For this, you can start your essay either with the quote, detailed or vivid description about anything or poem or excerpts of any article, column or story. When starting is planned then start writing.
  • Write: When everything is planned, then start writing. While writing, try to write in one go. Don’t stop writing or erase the words when you make any grammatical or spelling error, because it will break your whole thought process which has been built at that time regarding the topic on which you are writing. After writing an essay completely, take a break. You can take either long or short break. It’sup toyou, but when you are relaxed completely, then edit and recheck it to correct the mistakes.

Essay writing is to write facts and your opinions on a given or choose topic in the captivating manner that let everyone to read it in one go completely. And seriously, it is not difficult. All that you need is to develop your interest. And, interest can only be developed or built when you read about or watch videos about it. The more you read, the more it will be in front of your eyes and the more you will, might get attach to it. When attraction is built, them it will be easy for you to write your opinions about it and then writing important points. Thus, it will get easier for you to do research on it and make every point detailed and convincing. Therefore, at the end of all steps, it will help you to generate marks scoring and captivating essay or assignment.

So, develop the interest and let every barrier to go away in your way to score the highest marks.

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