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A doula helps during pregnancy and childbirth

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About companion who helps during before and during the phase of childbirth. You can also say that a doula is a birth coach. This is also a very good post birth supporter for pregnant ladies. For very basic knowledge, it is important to know that these doulas are the nonmedical persons who are well trained to assist the women during in the childbirth, and they also provide physical help to be pregnant ladies.

Doulas support physically & emotionally

 A pregnant lady does needs not only Physical health but also need emotional support, so these doulas are very well trained and certified to not only help in physical terms, but they also provide strong emotional support during the delicate phase.  The work or the services of a doula are really good that they provide support to the family and to the partner of the pregnant lady they are trained with techniques. Many people do not know about the doula salary, but you can easily get to know about their services and salary from online websites.

Do not administer medication

When we talk about the doula, then people who hire the services doubt that they can take the advice of a doula for medication as well. But for very basic knowledge, it is important to know that the doula is the nonmedical persons and they cannot administer the medication of a pregnant lady. For doing doula courses there is a certification which needs a year to complete also there is practical training involved in becoming a certified doula. If you need to know more about the doula, then you can read more information from international doula institute. There are online courses also available if you want to register for becoming a doula.