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Are You Looking to Become a Dental Hygienist?

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The role of the dental hygienist is becoming more and more important as the years progress due to our aging population and enhanced need for oral healthcare. It is though the numbers of hygienists required to satisfy this demand will dramatically increase. This is quite a sociable position, as hygienists will interact daily with their patients to teach them the basics of maintaining and improving their oral health. Because of this increase in demand for dental hygienists, there has never been a better time to consider becoming a Dental Hygienist, according to

What is the Average Wage for Dental Hygienists?

The average wage for a dental hygienist is very good, and it is generally agreed that an average hygienist will be paid around $70k per year. Digging down into these figures a little further, the top quarter of Hygienists typically enjoy a salary of over $80k. While the pay is good, work-life balance is also very positive.

The Opportunities…

Because of the skills you acquire when you are a Dental Hygienist, it is possible to easily switch jobs, as your services will be in high demand. Recent figures suggest that there will be an increase in the number of Hygienists required by 40% by 2020.

Enjoyable Interactions with Patients

The Dental Hygienist will likely be able to build strong relationships with the regular patients, so it is not all work work work! The hygienist will act as a friendly face who will help the patient to relax, as many patients hate with a passion visiting the dentist.

Contribute to the Improvement of Oral Health for Patients

Job satisfaction is high for a Dental Hygienist. They will play a crucial role in educating patients and reducing tooth problems and gum disease. For example, if a patient visits the practice with tooth wearing, it will be the job of the Dental Hygienist to give advice to the patient to prevent the problem from getting worse. Hygienists are also valued by other dental staff, and the practice would not function without their influence and help.

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