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Becoming a copy editor the right way

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A copy editor is someone who reviews text and literature before it can be published in magazines, textbooks, newspapers and books or novels. It is a very important job as the quality of the text and things like grammar are equally important. Meaningful text, written in poor grammar did not mean much whereas less important text but written properly would mean so much more. Small and large publishing houses have copy editors who look after each text that leaves their organization for printing.

Requirements for becoming a copy editor

While it may sound like something for which you only require good English, there are certain prerequisites that you need to have before applying for a position of a copy editor. A graduate course in journalism, mass communication, English or literature is mandatory in almost any organization having a copy editor job. This is because these courses help develop both writing and analysis skills so that they know that the written word makes sense to the sentence and adds to the story as well. Copy editors also require knowledge and proficiency in computers, need to detail oriented as they cannot miss anything and have excellent written and verbal communication.

Types of copy editing

There are various levels of copy editing – from substantive editing to simple proofreading. While the former entails description and detailed editing of any text, including fact-checking, the latter primarily requires working through the final draft of a text before it goes out. A substantive form of editing also ensures that structure, style and content of the matter are meant for the intended purpose and includes checks for accuracy and consistency. Proofreading, on the other hand, is done to make sure that the previous steps have been done in order and that everything that was meant to be included has been so.