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Child care software and how it beneficial for parents 

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The schools are now incorporating management software to make several processes easier for both the teachers and the parents. With this software, it will be very necessary to keep an eye on your child activities. You will not have to manage to take some time out from your busy life to visit the school and know about your kid’s performance. The childcare software programs will help to keep a track of all kinds of activities from kid’s class room performance to pickup from school and their real time tracking.

How Childcare software help parents?

Class report

All the information regarding the class activities, behavior, home work, attendance, schedule, is daily updated by the teacher so you can take a look on that and help your child to overcome such problems. 

Pick up and drop

This program also gives you secure student pick up system. Sometimes, it is impossible for the parents to pick their children or drop them to the school. The pick and drop facility offered by the software allows the parent to check-in the pickup time and the driver will reach the destination on time. So, there is nothing to worry about your child’s security. It notifies you about the pickup and drop of child as it is operated by the school authority or by the drivers. 

Fees management 

The software also provides child care invoice form which helps parents in payment of fees conveniently without any hassle, and provides digital payment receipts on the mobile which is stored in the app cloud and you can check whenever you need. It also notifies about any outstanding payment or extra charges.  

 Attendance management 

Digital attendance minimizes the work load of teacher. It also helps the parents to track the attendance of the students. These real time updates are made on the parent’s mobile, which can be viewed by parents and teachers at any time of any day that is daily\monthly\yearly.

Smart work

It provides a smart way of assigning homework to all students. Home work and activities are daily updated on the app. It is very beneficial for the parents and students as well. Sometimes, student misses the class because of health issue or some personal problems. It enables the students to compete with the class and never lack behind.

Exams and result management 

This feature makes the entire process of examination a bit easier. Examination flow can be easily published on the software with the syllabus which will help the student to study accordingly. The marks and report card is also updated on the parent’s portal to inform regarding the performance of their child in the examination.

 Gallery management

Multiple functions and events can be captured and uploaded on the software for the parents. The parents also get the facility to download these images and videos. This feature helps the school to present their creativity and value of the school in the eyes of parents, which helps them to be the best in terms of extra-curricular activities.