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How to Choose the Best Pupil Tracking Software

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Progression is the whole point of school. You need to know that students are responding to the curriculum and if there are any hiccups, teachers can pick up and act on them. So, when you’re browsing online for the best pupil tracking software, these are the points you need to bear in mind.

Provide Extensive Data for Every Student

Every student comes with their own needs and their own rate of development. And given that most schools contain over 500 pupils that is a lot of data. Each data set applied to each student needs to be varied and give as much detail on that pupil’s needs as possible and the type of detail that shouldn’t be summarised with a single sentence or a few bullet points.

Security is a Must

It’s always important to keep a tight lid on personal data, especially where children are concerned. Your software needs to offer top-notch security for all personal data. Whether this is in the form of firewalls or passcodes, it needs multiple protocols.

Catering to Different Needs

You’re going to be catering to various students, across various subjects and curriculums, so whatever software you go for needs to be adaptable. There’s no point in having a data entry set that only works for the English curriculum and can’t be used for the Maths curriculum.

But Not Too Different

By the same token, the format in which it is presented needs to be consistent across all platforms so that when people are reading it, they don’t feel like they require a different set of reading glasses for each subject.

Setting and Predicting Outcomes

The best software should not just collate and report back what they’re looking at, but also use that data to predict new outcomes that the teachers can help their students can work towards.

The Time It Needs to Save

Despite it being part of the job, paperwork can be a strenuous task for any teacher, especially if you’re jumping back and forth between curriculums. You want to be able to input the data once, which will then be generated into reports that will guide you.


Chances are, you are going to have an abundance of software and data systems on your servers by the time you purchase your new software. These systems will all need to be easily integrated to make data transfers a lot easier for everybody involved. The software should be built into the system and not exist outside the spectrum and waste time that could be spent tracking pupil’s developments.

Increases Engagement

While the teachers will be the ones who will make the most of the reports, the software should be available for the parents, the school governors and any other bodies that will benefit from the information provided.

Improve the Curriculum

Schools and teachers may operate under a strict plan, but now and then, the teaching format may need adjusting to better suit the students. A pupil tracking software will help teachers make informed decisions on how to shape the curriculum and improve it, ensuring that students get a more fulfilling education.

With these points in mind, take to the internet and find the software that ticks all of these boxes.