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How to Encourage your Kid to Speak English

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Teaching your kid English Early will help your kid to gain great proficiency in the future. Preschoolers and kids are at the phase to learn new languages, and when you start teaching them English, they can quickly learn and practice it from young age itself. It is difficult to learn it quickly and speak English fluently for those people whose First Language is not English. The reason why people find English tough to speak is that they don’t come to people naturally. But when you teach English to kids at a young age, they can learn it as a natural Language. No one can deny its importance with respect to communication, career, and Education. So introducing the English Language to your Kid in formative years is very beneficial and equally encouraging will help your kid to speak English fluently. Making your child familiar to the English language will require you to motivate a child to speak English. So here are a few tips to motivate a child to speak English.

  1. First and foremost thing you need to do is encourage through action words.  Start with the essential action words like COME, GO, SIT, STAND, EAT, NO, YES, WAIT, or teach basic phrases like
  • What is your name?
  • Where do you live?
  • How old are you?
  • What is your father’s name or mother’s name?
  • What is your school name?

Understanding and answering this type of primary questions will encourage your kid to learn more English.

  1. After teaching your kid the simple phrases, you should now move towards the simple sentences. After learning simple phrases, your kid can learn and get the meaning of sentences quickly.

  1. Now you can start comprehending and talking with your kid in English. Teach them to answer in English and ask questions to see if he or can get the questions.

  1. Your kid has lots of poetry and rhymes in schools, so try to practice them with actions at your home. Make sure you don’t force your kid to practice, work with the kid’s mood and enjoy the poetries. It is one of the best ways to encourage your kid to practice English at home. Also, collect some picture and drawing books to help your kid study pictures in English.

  1. You can also watch movies or your kid’s favorite cartoon in English. It will be a fun and entertaining way to teach him English. He or she can learn English with fun.

So these were few steps to teach English to your kid. Don’t worry if your kid refuses to learn English have some patience and understand your kid’s mood. Recognize when to teach and motivate child to speak English, and you can surely see the surprising results.