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Improve Your Vocabulary AND Your Accent

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When there is a language barrier between you and someone you are trying to speak with, it can become very frustrating and discouraging in a hurry.  It can even put you at risk for getting lost or hurt. Often times, a strong accent and an insufficient vocabulary are at the heart of these communication barriers.  

A strong accent can cause any number of pronunciation errors, or it can cause your listener to misunderstand, or not understand at all, what you are trying to say.  Both of these situations can lead quickly to misunderstandings and frustration for you and the person you are trying to talk to. There are a number of ways that you can start to try to improve your accent.

Your vocabulary can prove lacking for many different reasons.  The English language has many thousands of words in it and, the meaning of many of these words often depends on the context in which the words are used.  The meanings of English words can change too depending on the tone with which they are spoken. These variations make the English language rather complicated to use, especially if you are new to the language.

Of course, you don’t need to let these things stop you.  In fact, you absolutely should not let accent and vocabulary stop you since the English language is, by far, the most commonly spoken language in the world.  Not knowing English can actually hold you back on all of your plans, business and pleasure alike! It just wouldn’t do to lose a big business deal over a misunderstanding!  Nor would it be very enjoyable to get lost on your vacation in California because you used the wrong vocabulary to ask for directions to the zoo!

Instead of letting a language barrier stop you from making your dreams come true, you can take advantage of resources such as English lessons by Skype!  The fact is that no book can help you correct your accent when you are learning a foreign language –  to learn the correct accent, you need to hear someone else speak the language properly and you need to actively converse with a native speaker so that your ears and tongue learn the new accent and pronunciation.  Skype English lessons are excellent for this because you are watching a native speaker and actively conversing with them so that you can mimic what they are doing and they can correct you as needed.  It really is the perfect solution for learning proper accent when speaking English!

Skype is an excellent resource for helping you with your vocabulary too for the same reason.  As I said, the meanings of English words often change depending on context. For example, we use the word “cool” to mean that something is good or neat but, we also use it to describe the temperature of something. Only when you are using words like this actively can you begin to understand the different contexts that define their meanings.  Having regular conversations consistently through Skype is the fastest way in the world to start understanding the English vocabulary!