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Legal Recruiting Agencies Can Benefit Both Lawyers And Firms

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For lawyers looking to change jobs or law firms looking to hire a lawyer, working with an executive search firm that specializes in placing lawyers (known as a legal recruiting firm) can be a tremendous asset.

What Is A Legal Recruiter?

A legal recruiter from an executive search firm will act as a “middle man” between legal applicants and any company looking to hire a lawyer. They’ll cold call lawyers, gather resumes, and personally interview potential candidates for jobs. The recruiter is then able to select the best prospects to fill a job and arrange for those candidates to be interviewed.

The reason that an executive search firm – for an excellent example, see The Heller Group – is useful to both lawyers and those hiring lawyers is because – 1) they possess a deep understanding of the legal job market and its latest trends, and 2) they specialize in finding excellent matches between candidates and hiring legal organizations.

Benefits To Law Firms

Any type of legal corporation who’s searching for the right lawyer to join their team likely has specific ideas about who they want to hire. In addition to looking for a specific type of background and experience, the firm will seek a certain personality type to match their business mandates. Using a legal recruiter for help in the hiring process can narrow the search so that only candidates who fit that particular bill are brought in for an interview.

For example, suppose a law firm wants to hire a lawyer with trademark litigation experience, who has a calm, confident demeanor and is well-suited to working with a variety of different clients. That firm can then describe these specific traits to the legal recruiter, who will personally screen candidates prior to sending the min for an interview.

The legal recruiter may interview ten candidates for the job and then send the client their top three choices. This is why utilizing a legal recruiter as a “middle man” can save a law firm a good deal of valuable time and energy. Additionally, the advice of a legal recruiter will often influence their client to meet a candidate whose resume may have been overlooked.

Benefits To Lawyers

For a lawyer looking to change jobs, working with a legal recruiter can also be extremely valuable. The recruiter will have a list of current job openings and can go over this list with a lawyer looking for a potential fit. The recruiter will have inside information about law firms, such as the personalities of the people the lawyer will be working for, hours and any potential room for advancement.

The advice of a legal recruiter will help steer a lawyer in the right direction since the recruiter’s job is to understand what both the client and the job seeker are looking for. Lawyers working with legal recruiters are able to get interview tips from the recruiter, so they’ll feel prepared for interviews.

Working with a legal recruiting agency can be incredibly helpful in a variety of ways to both the lawyer seeking a job and the law firm or company looking to hire a lawyer. As the legal industry changes, the reasons for contacting a legal recruiter in the future will only increase.