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Maja House in Bandung City

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Maja House is one of the gorgeous and hits dining places in Bandung. The place is adjacent to the Stevie G Hotel, so if you stays in that resort it’s actually simple to find meals. What’s more, the cooking menu is diverse and also tastes kick. Want pizza, pasta, nasgor till noodles tek everything in Maja House. You don’t just have great meals, Maja House could be really thrilling for you that want to hang out with buddies in precisely the same age or will need to be using a partner. The indoor part is organized creatively with dim light, besides that in the event you encounter here on weekends there’s live music to entertain you.

For the outdoor part, it is possible to eat while taking a look at the flickering lights of Bandung city in the height. Oh, to eat on the outside there is a minimum purchase, yes, 1 individual is 100K. The area is much more comfortable outside, according to my opinion, because from the dimly lit up town and I do not like to consume in dimly lit areas. In the event you visit the exterior side, it is possible to eat it as well as that, just because when I get there when it is raining, the bale on the edge of the balcony is moist and cannot be used, therefore it is merely a bus to a side.

The view is truly intimate, but because it attracted children to eat it turned out to be complicated. Concerning the price of the foods, it is standard, it isn’t expensive and not cheap! It is merely however, 20k of mineral water. Although you would like to drink water, but because you see it that the price tag is as much as ice java all 30K. The part of the food is big, so it matches involving the portion, taste and cost. Oh yes, in accordance with Maja House, it isn’t too acceptable for all those that bring kids, especially if you happen at 7am, however if it is still late at the mid-day, it is OK.

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