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Office stationery supply hacks

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Office stationery supplies are those things that can be found around a typical office space. We’ll be showing you the alternative uses of these things both in and out of an office.

Emergency Candle: This hack is achieved through markers. A marker has alcoholic properties which automatically mean that it is receptive to fire. So, in instances where a candle is needed as a light source or as a source of a consistent flame (a flame that burns longer than a match stick), just light a marker on fire and watch it create a fire. After you do this, the marker isn’t necessarily condemned. It won’t write at first but it will after subsequent, insistent attempts.

Multi coloured Highlighter: This can be made using pens made from water colors preferably yellow and light red water color pens. One pen is scribbled over the other, covering half of the tip. When we write with it, it will have a bright, attention drawing effect which is exactly what we need for a highlighter pen.

Party Back Light: Put some tape behind your phone camera, on the tape, scribble blue marker over the part that’s touching your flash. Apply another layer of tape and scribble green marker. Apply yet another layer of tape and put on your plush for a nice blue effect(be sure to use water colors pen or pencil or highlighters as they are light and will permit light to pass through).

Old sneaker revamp: Your old, faded sneakers can be revamped using this simple technique. Scribble purple, dark blue and black markers all over (use a pattern) after which you apply alcohol. The alcohol will dissolve and merge the colors into a beautiful pattern which one can then add other personalized designs like stones.

Polka Dots with a pencil eraser: A pencil eraser (circular ones at the bottom of pencils) serves as a tool to apply polka dots to a garment. Simply dip the eraser in bleach and systematically touch the garment with the eraser.

Pen as ruler: Need to draw a straight line in the office and can’t find your ruler? Simply use another pen or pencil or maybe a pen pencil that is slim and slender.

Keyboard cleaner: It’s extremely hard to clean between keys of your keyboard but this hack takes care of that. Simply run a sheet of sticky note paper through it and it will gather all the dust.

Compass: A circle is hard to draw perfectly by hand. Use a rubber ring and join two pencils to each other. Then use a clip and clip them at the ends. Then separate the pencils at any length you want. Using one pencil as a hold and one as a pencil, draw a circle at you would with a proper compass.

Bookmark: Reading a book or an important document and have to leave but don’t want to lose your place? Attach a book clipto a rubber band and place the band on a book and use the clip to mark your place.

Multi colored marker: The life a multi colored marker or sketch pen would add to your presentation is unmatched. Simply take three colors and paint the tip of one marker with two other markers thoroughly making sure to incorporate other colors into it.

Office supplies have so so much potential; we hope you see them now.