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Taking on the digital media, one campaign at a time

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A diploma in digital marketing is sure way of making headway in a competitive, exciting world full of possibilities.

The ever-evolving digital medium is a complex, vast entity that is immediately accessible to all of us today. From the mobile phone to websites, each of us is consuming web content endlessly.

You may have seen several ads, or 1-minute videos or other kinds of campaigns for certain brands when you are browsing online. These are specially created for companies by digital marketers. Digital marketing is an in-demand field in the country at the moment, what with every company wishing to have a web presence. Thus, it is worth your while to enrol for a post graduate programme in digital marketing. Here’s why:

* The medium is still developing in India.

Though the country has already taken good strides in the digital space, there is still a lot of scope. The full extent of the web’s powers has not yet been utilised, and there is tremendous potential to explore different media such as social media channels, mobile web apps and others in targeted digital marketing. A diploma in digital marketing opens up your mind to the possibilities of using new channels of communication with the audience.

* The web has a global reach – and so does your campaign.

Every business wishes to make a global impact today, and the fastest way to go around the world is to put yourself on the web. For example, viewers in India are able to watch content manufactured in countries like Greece and Israel via media like Netflix. Or a recent US-based campaign for a men’s personal care brand went viral for its slightly controversial content, with repercussions even in our country. The point is, the digital medium spans the entire world, and your campaign has the power to reach everywhere really fast.

* It teaches you to come up with effective solutions.

There are excellent post graduate programmes in digital marketing that teach you how to work with the digital medium to create the most effective messaging for brands. However, the bigger advantage of learning all about the medium is to learn how to be an effective digital marketer for every campaign – and this involves giving the client the most ROI as possible. Luckily, most web-only campaigns are quite pocket-friendly for most clients.

* Your diploma helps you track results.

Your diploma in digital marketing arms you with the tools to track the results of the team’s work on a campaign. Digital marketing can actually count its ‘hit rate’ by the numbers of views, likes, if it has gone ‘viral’ and in how much time, what the target audience is saying about it, etc. You can use web analytics and metric tools to count the campaign’s efficacy, a site’s ‘bounce rate’, how much money you recovered in the form of sales conversion, etc.