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The basics of business, Market analysis, and Data Science

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Every business runs on the basis of supply and demand and there is always a team of professionals who through the analysis of market data determine what are the trends and desires of the market that is if the population and by this analysis the big companies and business houses come to know about the feedback if their respective products. India, in this case, is one of the most important markets whose potential is yet to be determined by the business houses. The reason behind the lack of data updation and analysis of Indian market is because if the lack of data analysts or data scientists who can determine and analyze the market data’s at the same time the indigenous market if India. Though India is amongst the countries with the highest UT input, still the sector of data science has not discovered fully in India.

The potential of data science to solve unemployment in India

Indian data science sector can provide up to 2.3 lakhs of jobs every year from 2020 onwards, but still, there is little to no importance that has been given to this sector itself. However, in Hyderabad, the scenario is changing, though slowly but steadily. ExcelR is an institute to be recognized in this sector of data science. ExcelR, in partnership with Tata consultancy services and University  Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) has launched their program of Data Science Course in Hyderabad to certify more and more data science to fill the void in this sector. The course is guided by professionals with more than 15 years of teaching experience in data science and who belong to mostly IIMs and IITs. The course is very simple that follows a syllabus on completion of which you have to take up an online test on passing which you will be absorbed by MNC in India and abroad.

Jumbo pass offer by ExcelR

ExcelR offers Data Science Training in Hyderabad, on completion of which you will surely get a placement as they have dedicated placement cell in their institutes that has a staggering success rate in the placement of 93%. ExcelR also offers a new jumbo pass offers under which you get to attend as many classes and batches as you want for a total of 365 days. The data science course of ExcelR let you become a pro in data analysis without even having any prior knowledge of the sector or the work. So, if you are an aspiring data analyst or data scientist and want to do a quick course to join the sector of data science, then it is time you enroll yourself under ExcelR.