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What Can You Expect from a Bartending Training School?

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Are you in a phase of your life wherein you have decided upon becoming a bartender? You know that is what you want to do and you know you will enjoy the job. But, what about the experience and training you need to become a good bartender at a good bar or restaurant?

There are many bartending schools that offer training for a reasonable price. But, the main question is – “Will the training from that school help you get a job in a reputed hotel?” You need to consider several factors before choosing a bartending school that can make or break your goal of becoming a bartender. According to leading bartending schools like École du Bar de Montréal, here are the things you can expect from a bartending training school:

  • Knowledge about Alcohol

Bartending is all about playing with the proportions of alcohol on a counter. A bartending school must be able to give you the complete knowledge about the types of alcohol you will be dealing with. When you are planning to join a bartending school, make it a point to inquire if the professionals who are teaching there are well-qualified and provide you with the complete knowledge about alcohol – the basic part of bartending.

  • Recipes for Beverages

Though the recipes for the drinks are all the same, every bartending school includes different proportions of beverages to make their signature drinks. You can expect to learn a wide range of recipes and proportions that can blow your mind. All your skills depend on the recipes of the drinks you make. Make sure that the school you choose is good with their recipes.

  • Teach You Your Role as a Bartender

Bartending schools are meant to teach you the skills and tactics to make excellent drinks fast. Along with teaching the skills to make drinks, they must be able to teach you the other roles you need to follow as a bartender like taking orders, managing orders, billing, managing the team etc.

  • Workshops and Training

Workshops and trainings are a big deal in the case of a bartending job. Unless you attend a few workshops and learn different ways in which you can make your job easy, it is difficult to get a job. You need to be great at bartending if you want a job in a reputed bar and you can become a great bartender only when you attend workshops to understand the profession better.

  • Certificate and Job

At the end of the day, it is all about getting a good job that offers you an ample amount of money for the work you do. A certification from good bartending schools should be enough to get a job in a good restaurant.

Though bartending will not fetch you enough money like other industries, it is a good option if you manage to become a bartender in a reputed high-class restaurant.